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Bloody Spooky Macarons

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Bloody Spooky Macarons Bloody Spooky Macarons

Bloody Spooky Macarons

Get into the Halloween spirit with these bloody and totally spooky macarons! This recipe is the absolute best macaron recipe that is basically guaranteed you the most amazing results ever. 

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. Spooky season starts early in my house, and these bloody and spooky macarons are the most delicious way to get celebrating.


So, believe it or not, but the ingredient list isn't actually that long. We need a few ingredients for the macaron shells, and a few more for the frosting and the filling.

For the macarons

Almond flour - I recommend looking for finely ground almond flour. Do not use almond meal. If you cannot find almond flour, I have a tutorial for how to make almond flour. Powdered sugar - For sweetness and helping to process the almond flour even more to make it extra fine. Egg whites - The egg whites are needed to make the meringue. It also adds structure. You can replace the egg whites with aquafaba, which is the liquid in canned chickpeas. This will give you a nice vegan macaron.Granulated sugar - The granulated sugar adds sweetness and also helps whip the meringue to a nice glossy, stiff peak which is needed for good macarons. Vanilla extract - The macarons shells are often unflavored but you can add a little vanilla, which is exactly what we do here with this recipe.
For the filling:

Unsalted butter - The butter flavors the frosting and adds structure. Powdered sugar - For sw...
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Bloody Spooky Macarons Bloody Spooky Macarons


Fuente de la noticia: cookienameddesire
Fecha de publicacin: 23-10-2020 21:43
visto: 23

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