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01-03-2020 22:10

Skippyģ Peanut Butter & Jelly Cups

Skippyģ Peanut Butter & Jelly CupsA quick & deliciously easy recipe for Peanut Butter lovers.¬† Salty peanut butter with oozing strawberry jelly ? wha...
22-01-2020 22:04

Christmas Turkey with Citrus Butter

Christmas Turkey with Citrus ButterChristmas dinner means Christmas turkey; this recipe keeps your turkey moist and full of flavour.Serves 8Preparatio...
23-12-2019 22:09

Mulled Wine

Mulled WineThis is the prefect winter warmer to get you in the festive spirit!Serves 12Preparation time: 15 minutesCooking time: 15 minutesIngredients...
23-12-2019 22:09

The Ultimate Roast Potatoes

The Ultimate Roast PotatoesThese are the ultimate roast potatoes, crisp on the outside and oh so fluffy on the inside!Serves 6Preparation time: 10 min...
23-12-2019 22:09

Menier Chocolate Eggnog

Menier Chocolate EggnogThis Chocolate Eggnog is the perfect pairing of everyone\'s favourite chocolate milk and the Christmas season\'s yummiest drink...
11-12-2019 22:04

Menier Chocolate Christmas Cake

Menier Chocolate Christmas CakeThis Christmas cake pulls out all the stops, it is rich in dried fruits housed in a decadent chocolate and spiced batte...
10-12-2019 22:01

Ginger Beer & Satsuma Glazed Ham

Ginger Beer & Satsuma Glazed HamThe ginger ale adds both flavour and incredible tenderness to the ham.  This compliments a roast turkey perfectly!Ser...
09-12-2019 22:11

Baileys & Menier Chocolate Truffles

Baileys & Menier Chocolate TrufflesTreat friends and family to a little bit of chocolate heaven with this delicious truffles recipe for an easy and th...
02-12-2019 22:09

Steak, Ale & Mushroom Pie

Steak, Ale & Mushroom PieThis is a wonderfully delicious pie full of rich flavours - the perfect pie for chilly weather!Serves 6Preparation time: 15 ...
02-12-2019 22:09

The Best Lamb Keema Recipe

The Best Lamb Keema RecipeA tasty lamb and pea curry recipe that is quick to make and can be made in advance.Serves 4Prep time: 15 minutesCooking tim...
02-12-2019 22:09

Venetian Orange Cake

Venetian Orange CakeThis is a stunning flourless orange & almond cake with a zesty syrup.  It is the perfect accompaniment to any coffee break.Makes ...
29-11-2019 22:00

Christmas Mince Pies

Christmas Mince PiesThis crumbly, fruity mince pie recipe is a Christmas classic. Serve warm with lashings of brandy butterMakes 12 (but enough mince...
26-11-2019 22:06

Mince with Cheesy Horseradish Dumplings

Mince with Cheesy Horseradish DumplingsThe perfect winter warmer - this has to be comfort food at its best. A delicious meal for all the family!Serve...
25-11-2019 22:02

Toad in the Hole with Onion Gravy

Toad in the Hole with Onion GravyA British classic perfect for a mid-week supper on a winters evening!  Serve with mashed potato and roasted vegetabl...
25-11-2019 22:02

The Best Christmas Cake

The Best Christmas CakeThis Christmas cake pulls out all the stops and can be decorated in any way you want!  If you have time, feed it with brandy w...
23-11-2019 22:04

Chicken, Bacon, Mushroom & Stilton Pie

Chicken, Bacon, Mushroom & Stilton PieOne of my all-time favourites, a truly delicious & flavoursome pie ? comfort food at its best!Serves 6-8Prep tim...
22-11-2019 22:09

The Best Christmas Pudding

The Best Christmas PuddingA flaming Christmas Pudding is the ultimate end to a delicious Christmas dinner. This recipe certainly won?t disappoint ? ev...
21-11-2019 22:06

SKIPPYģ Peanut Butter & Halloween Candy Bark

SKIPPYģ Peanut Butter & Halloween Candy BarkThis SKIPPYģ Peanut butter Chocolate Bark is the perfect treat for Halloween.¬† It is super quick and easy...
25-10-2019 22:09

Sausage, Chilli, Lemon & Fennel Pasta

Sausage, Chilli, Lemon & Fennel PastaYou must try this pasta as it is has a unique flavouring ? this is one of my favourite pasta dishes.Serves 4Prepa...
15-10-2019 22:06

Cheddar, Potato & SPAMģ Soup

Cheddar, Potato & SPAMģ SoupA hearty, comforting and autumnal warming soup!¬† Perfect soup for all the family!¬† SPAMģ Chopped Pork and Ham is the per...
17-09-2019 22:05

Strawberry & Menier White Chocolate Cheesecake

Strawberry & Menier White Chocolate CheesecakeTreat your family & friends to this super delicious and easy to make no-bake strawberry & white chocolat...
06-09-2019 22:06

Skippyģ Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes

Skippyģ Peanut Butter & Jelly PancakesThese light and fluffy peanut butter pancakes drizzled with peanut butter and jelly taste absolutely delicious.¬...
30-08-2019 22:01

Molten Menier Chocolate Mug Cake

Molten Menier Chocolate Mug CakeThis decadent and gooey molten chocolate mug cake tastes absolutely heavenly and is made minutes.  Absolutely delicio...
27-08-2019 22:05

Chorizo, Red Pepper & Stilton Quiche

Chorizo, Red Pepper & Stilton QuicheThis quiche is so easy to make and always goes down well, delicious served hot or cold. If blue cheese doesn?t tak...
21-08-2019 22:04

Strawberry Margarita Granita

Strawberry Margarita GranitaA frozen cocktail for dessert? this is so delicious and a very refreshing end to a meal.  It contains as much alcohol as ...
23-07-2019 22:00

Greek Lemon Chicken Salad

Greek Lemon Chicken SaladThis salad brings together some delicious flavours of Greece in a dish that is super tasty, fresh and easy to prepare!Serves...
15-07-2019 22:04

Chocolate Orange Biscuits

Chocolate Orange BiscuitsThese are my husband?s ultimate favourite biscuits, they are a perfect accompaniment for a coffee break!  Absolutely delicio...
14-07-2019 22:04

Chicken, Avocado & Pancetta Salad

Chicken, Avocado & Pancetta SaladThis chicken salad recipe is the perfect summertime light bite.  The chicken & pancetta give depth of flavour and th...
10-07-2019 22:04

Roquefort Stuffed Burgers

Roquefort Stuffed BurgersIf you love blue cheese, you will love these burgers stuffed with Roquefort cheese.  They are absolutely delicious as you ...
09-07-2019 22:03

Piri Piri Chicken

Piri Piri ChickenThis recipe is inspired by my recent trip to Portugal.  This recipe is easy to make and it tastes so good ? increase the spice to su...
06-07-2019 22:12

Portuguese Tarts

Portuguese TartsThis recipe is inspired by my recent trip to Portugal where I became addicted to Pasteis da Nata.  These flaky, crispy custard tarts ...
06-07-2019 22:12

Broad Bean, New Potato & Tuna Salad

Broad Bean, New Potato & Tuna SaladIf you?re looking for a flavourful, mayonnaise-free, potato salad recipe, this potato salad recipe will not disappo...
05-07-2019 22:03

Salmon & Avocado Caesar Salad

`Salmon & Avocado Caesar SaladThis salad is so tasty!  Crispy pan fried Salmon fillets are a beautiful addition to this salad - especially with cre...
05-07-2019 22:03

Strawberry Tart

Strawberry TartThis is summer on a plate, the perfect dessert for summer!  You can bake the pastry case and make the filling the day before and decor...
28-06-2019 22:05

Skippyģ Peanut Butter Hummus

Skippyģ Peanut Butter HummusThis quick & easy hummus is made from Skippyģ Peanut Butter, chickpeas, lemon and cumin.¬† This dip is so tasty and a grea...
20-06-2019 22:06

Spaghetti with Mussels, Tomato Sauce & Pesto

Spaghetti with Mussels, Tomato Sauce & PestoThis pasta dish is absolutely delicious, the mussels, tomato sauce and pesto compliment this dish perfectl...
13-06-2019 22:06

Cowboy SPAMģ Beans

Cowboy SPAMģ BeansSPAMģ Chopped Pork and Ham is the perfect quick and easy meat for an outdoor feast.¬† This recipe is perfect for camping or the BBQ ...
24-05-2019 22:02

Menier Triple Chocolate Cookies

Menier Triple Chocolate CookiesThese Menier triple chocolate cookies taste absolutely delicious and are very easy to make.  Stuffed with chunks of da...
17-05-2019 22:00

Penne with Prawns, Chorizo & Rocket

Penne with Prawns, Chorizo & RocketA wonderfully delicious pasta dish full of flavour & freshness ? one of my husband?s favourites!Serves 2Preparation...
10-05-2019 22:08

Easter Rocky Road with Menier Chocolate

Easter Rocky Road with Menier ChocolateThis has to be the best rocky road that I have ever tasted, it is a must try!Naughty but extremely nice!Makes 1...
16-04-2019 22:11

Menier Chocolate Easter Log

Menier Chocolate Easter LogThis cake is extremely light and delicate with a rich chocolate buttercream, as it is so light your guests will want more a...
15-04-2019 22:16

The BEST Carrot Cake Recipe

The BEST Carrot Cake RecipeDeliciously simple Carrot Cake suitable for any occasion.¬†¬†Gorgeous!!Serves 14Prep time:¬†30 minutesCooking time:¬†1 ľ - ...
04-04-2019 22:07

Lemon & Menier White Chocolate Cake

Lemon & Menier White Chocolate CakeA fantastic light lemon and almond sponge covered in a delicious Menier white chocolate topping!Serves 10Prep time¬...
28-03-2019 22:08

Tasty Full English Breakfast with a Twist

Tasty Full English Breakfast with a TwistAn absolutely delicious alternative to a traditional Full English ? such a tasty dish with a kick!Serves 4Pre...
22-03-2019 22:04

Beef Madras

Beef MadrasA great British favourite ? this curry is full of spice with melt in the mouth beef!Serves 4 small portions, 2 largePrep time:   20 minu...
21-03-2019 22:13

Baked Cod with a Chorizo Crumb

Baked Cod with a Chorizo CrumbThis is a simple and quick dish with great flavours!  The chorizo crumb gives the cod another dimension.Serves 4Prep t...
21-03-2019 22:13

Lamb Steak Tikka Masala

Lamb Steak Tikka MasalaIf you love curry you will absolutely adore this dish!Serves 2-4Prep time:  10 minutes (plus 24 hours marinating)Cooking time...
18-03-2019 22:06

Chicken & Chorizo Braised in Cider

Chicken & Chorizo Braised in CiderA rich cider and chorizo sauce, a perfect match for this dish of succulent chicken thighs? even better you can make ...
14-03-2019 22:03

The Perfect Pancake Recipe

The Perfect Pancake RecipeThis has to be my favourite Pancake recipe, they are delicious.  Add your favourite topping or just go classic!Makes: 8 Pr...
04-03-2019 22:05


SPAMbalaya!SPAMģ and rice is always a really satisfying combination - with the addition of a bit of spice it becomes even better!Serves 4Prep time:¬†2...
01-03-2019 22:05

The Best Beef bourguignon

 The Best Beef bourguignonA delicious and rustic French classic! Red wine, brandy, pancetta, shallots, mushrooms and herbs, what a wonderful combinat...
16-02-2019 22:02

Skippyģ Peanut Butter Chocolate Hearts

Skippyģ Peanut Butter Chocolate HeartsA quick & deliciously easy recipe for Peanut Butter lovers ? the perfect treat for Valentine?s Day Serves 14Prep...
13-02-2019 22:06

Menier Chocolate and Raspberry Tartlets

Menier Chocolate and Raspberry TartletsBeautiful and delicious tarts made with a luscious rich chocolate and fresh raspberries.  A perfect desser...
13-02-2019 22:06

Steak, Mushroom & Stilton Pie

Steak, Mushroom & Stilton PieThis is a wonderfully delicious pie full of rich flavours- the perfect pie for chilly weather!Serves 4-6Preparation time:...
11-02-2019 22:05

Salmon with a Pesto & Parmesan Crust

Salmon with a Pesto & Parmesan CrustThis salmon, pesto & parmesan is a wonderful combination? and that is not all - it is very quick and easy to prepa...
08-02-2019 22:01

The Best Beef Rendang

The Best Beef RendangA rich and tender coconut beef stew which is explosively flavoursome ? it will definitely win you over!Serves 4Prep time:  20 m...
02-02-2019 22:01

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Vegan Overnight Pumpkin Pie Oats

Vegan Overnight Pumpkin Pie Oats

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